Community Counselling

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Mental Health service for expectant mums (Folosho Oshoko)

By April 2019, new and expectant mums will be able to access specialist perinatal mental health community services in every part of the country.

This is from NHS England website. Among other things hormonal changes to Pregnant and post partum mothers can disorientate mothers who may then need hospital care. When we feel cared for our brain gives the message ‘I am safe here now’. Hormones of relaxation are then released as serotonin and dopamine. This reinforces our letting go of stress and worry we are then more open to what relationships and what the environment has to offer.

This is the case in massage therapy and can  equally at some points be what occurs in counselling. Through a relationship with a trained person who attune to clientele. This too allows for new possibilities to be considered and incorporated so there are possibilities to think and feel in a more supportive productive creative empowered way about oneself and ones circumstances.

Community Counselling in At Saint Bartholomews on Barking road Rd East Ham neer the Town Hall is a collection of selected counsellors offering first rate budget rate counselling for the those in the local community or who wish to travel to from further afield.